Hello, everyone! My mission is to use my art as a tool to promote the teaching of ahimsa (non-harming from the Hindu tradition). To me it is the essence of yoga: to learn how to not harm others and live in a more peaceful, sustainable way. Swami Sivananda says, "Ahimsa means not to harm other beings in thought, word, and deed. There can be no yoga without ahimsa." The principle underlying the practice of ahimsa is that we are all one and everything we do affects everything else for better or for worse, so it is important to be mindful of our actions. 
Currently many of our current maladies is due to a lack of concern for other forms of life on this planet. Did you know the following facts.
1)The US is the #1 weapons supplier to foreign nations including rogue and developing countries. Our government subsidizes billions of dollars of weapons transfers through U.S. taxpayer dollars.
2) We have a plastic landfill the size of Texas floating in the Pacific.
3) According to Greenpeace, in Brazil alone, the meat/dairy industry has caused the decimation of 90% of the Brazilian rainforest for pasture land.
4) By encouraging children to play violent sports and games, we are perpetuating a culture of warfare rather than a culture of cooperation and conflict resolution.
5) The government subsidizes the meat and dairy industry with billions of dollars each year. According to PETA, over $30 billion a year.
6) Under the NDAA passed by Obama  and Congress, our government can detain any U.S. citizen without trail for as long as they want.
7) Over 1 million Iraqi civilians have been tortured, maimed, traumatized and killed under the "war on terror".
8) Billions of animals are tortured and slaughtered each year so that meat eaters can go to McDonalds and other eateries.
9) The US created the first large-scale weapon of mass destruction with the A-bomb in 1945 and has more weapons of mass destruction than anyone else with the possible exception of Russia.
10) Waste from nuclear reactors has a very, very, very, very long toxic shelf life and is problematic in many ways.
The simplest solution to all of these problems is to consume less. There is more to life than your cell phone or laptop. Talk to people, meet new people, explore the world. Please subscribe to my newsletter or donate to help me expand the reach of my work. Yours in peace, Kalidas

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